What factors you must consider while selecting crossfit shoes?

crossfit and fitness shoesA typical workout involves various activities such as running, jumping, skipping, weight lifting and loads of other activities. And finding the right shoe that can perform all of these different tasks could be a very challenging task all by itself because honestly, a single shoe won’t be able to do everything flawlessly.

However, you can consider the following factors while searching for the best crossfit and fitness shoes:

Shoe weight

Crossfit training generally includes considerable amounts of sprinting and jumping and hence, it becomes necessary that a crossfit athlete should feel light on his feet. Heavyweight shoes might cause difficulties and hence lead to distraction from the necessary motions.

Ideally, crossfit shoes shouldn’t be heavy in weight. While some may want a lightweight one, some may prefer barely-there shoes. It’s all about choice of personal preferences. And note that, hiking boots and army boots are not at all apt to be a crossfit shoe.


Another factor that you must consider is flexibility of the shoe as more flexible is the shoe, more shall it conform to your foot and move as one with it.

Durability and quality

Durability acts as one of the biggest compromises that one has to make when buying crossfit shoes. It’s quite possible that a highly durable shoe wouldn’t meet some other necessary criteria that one needs to consider such as flexibility and lightweight. Though, at the same time it is necessary that a crossfit shoe must be able to tolerate the beating from rigorous activities such as jumping, climbing and rope climbing. Rope climbing is particularly hard on shoes with rope often rubbing the material.

Considering these factors, it doesn’t become necessary for you to choose shoes that don’t have a long lifespan if you have other ideal factors in mind. A pair of shoes doesn’t really last for more than a year and hence, it would be unusual for you to pay much attention on this factor.

Heel to Toe Drop

When you are standing bare foot, you have zero heels to toe drop. Your heel and toes are at the same level. Preferably, opt for a crossfit shoe that have heel to toe drop of zero or something close to that. Now let’s put it this way: you wouldn’t want to feel like working out in heels, would you?

A slight heel to toe difference is accepted but more than that, you wouldn’t be able to land correctly when you jump. You will not be able to absorb the shock in the right manner just be bending your legs and you wouldn’t want to land on your toes every time you jump, would you?

Comfort and breathability

It’s important that your feet must stay cool, dry and doesn’t smell while you are working out. Plus, you need to comfortable in what you are wearing else it might cause hindrance for your work out.


Support also acts as an important consideration while selecting crossfit shoes.

Fabrications, styling and colour

Normally, the fabrications for crossfit shoes include mesh, ortholite, injected EVA, etc. Plus, an ideal crossfit shoe comes in range of colours and styles.

Keeping these factors in mind will help you getting the right crossfit shoes.

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